Red Fox drawing

Hello! I'm Sarah and I'm an artist living in San Francisco. I love the neighborhoods, Bay views and tasty treats available in this beautiful, walkable city. I'm originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan but have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area off an on since about 1984.

In my drawings and illustrations I love to play with line, texture, pattern, lettering, color and humor. I enjoy working from life and from my imagination. 

Inspiration comes via comics, zines, children's book illustration, vintage packaging, junk shops, nature, city life, music, book design, TV, signage, snail mail, postage stamps, rubber stamps, art supplies, animals and fellow humans.

I studied drawing, painting, and conceptual and graphic design at San Francisco State University. I live with my husband and our imaginary pets, Scrimshaw, Jasper, Pepper, Burger, and Fries.